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Dan grew up playing the classical string bass and started playing banjo while in college getting a degree in fine arts. Using the traditional style of playing known as frailing, which uses two fingers, he developed a style of playing banjo that is uniquely melodic. In Whiskey before Breakfast each note is clean and pure and part of a rich and intricate range of sounds. He has even developed the ability to play bluegrass using frailing as in Nashville Blues. Using his own specially designed mute, the banjo is made to sound like a lute or harp as in the hauntingly, soulful tune Misty Morning. You will forget that you are listening to a banjo.

Dan Levitt can make a banjo sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before. And his handmade “golden banjo” is like nothing you’ve ever seen, either. — Bard Chord Songmaker's Newsletter [Read Review]
I've been struck by the distinct beauty he brings out in the instrument. Dan's own evocative compositions have a timeless eloquence.— Richard Berman, nationally acclaimed singer & songwriter
Very uniquely styled and full of interesting little musical details. — Chuck Erikson, “Duke of Pearl” and banjo maker
It is such a pleasure to listen to, fun and full of life. Your music writing is lovely. I just love it! — Jacki Breger, nationally recognized musician of children’s folk music

Music Tracks

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  1. Whiskey before Breakfast
  2. Misty Morning
  3. Going for a Ride
  4. Sandberg Farewell
  5. Nashville Blues
  6. Skeletons in the Closet
  7. Sheebeg Sheemore
  8. Sally in the Garden
  9. Morpeth Rant and Virginia Hornpipe
  10. Banjo Rag
  11. Sweet William
  12. Eight More Miles to Louisville
  13. Lament
  14. Alfie’s Hornpipe
  15. Big John Rose
  16. Hornpipe Medley

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What Listeners are Saying

We are fascinated with your ability to extract so many unexpected sounds from the banjo. – Lynnda H.
Every time I hear “Misty Morning” it makes me cry. – Heidi
If "Sheebeg Sheemore” was on vinyl, I would have worn it out by now. That melancholy sound just grabs me and I can't get enough of it.– Craig L.
The most beautiful liner notes of any albums we have seen. – Stan C.

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