How It's Made

You can see some of the steps and unusual techniques he used to make this banjo.

What People are Saying

Anyone that complains that "old world craftsmanship" is a thing of the past needs to take a look at your work on this banjo. Ray, Art Institute of Chicago - graduate
Your work is an advanced seminar in design. D. Brewer
The intricacies of your banjo's inlays are just gorgeous. Orlene B.
It is the single most beautiful example of woodworking and art I have ever seen truly magnificent. Bob G.
I've looked at hundreds of banjos but yours is, without a doubt, the most beautiful. Jim C.

1. In the Beginning.

2. Getting Started.

3. The Steps in Making an Inlayed Neck.

4. Cutting out the Shell for the Inlay.

5. Gluing up a Flower.

6. How the Flower Inlay Evolves.

7. The Front of the Peghead.

8. Carving the Heel.

9. The Back of the Peghead.

10. Cutting out the Marquetry.

11. Setting the Marquetry.

12. A Case for the Banjo.

13. Leather Strap.

14. From Drawing to Completion.

15. Completed.

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